Carve your own pipe. Start with an Oregon Territory Peace Pipe blank and create the best pipe you have ever LOVED!

spec drawing

Pipe specifications by Dee C Designs

actual photograph


• Over sized draw channel bore diameter
• Screen support bevel aligns the heavy gage screen to seal bowl edge against leakage and form a concave shape to the bottom of the bowl.
• Smoke flow chamber between filter screen and draw channel
• Cleaning tool included makes for quick and mess free maintenance


Over sized draw way, screen support bevel and smoke flow chamber create an amazingly easy and efficient draw.  Heavy duty screens and cleaning tool make for easy and mess free maintenance.

What makes an Oregon Territory Peace Pipe superior?

Most pipes used by non tobacco smokers have these disadvantages in common.

  1. Poor air flow and difficult draw
  2. Improper filter screen size, specifications and support resulting in flame leakage around the edge of the screen
  3. Resins quickly clog the screen and air passage
  4. Messy and problematic cleaning process
  5. Glass pipes are too fragile
  6. Metal pipes smoke too hot and trigger metal detector alarms
  7. Quality filter screens are difficult to find, and the inferior ones typically available from head shops contribute to issues 1, 2, 3 and 4.

So….. not much thought goes into the functional design or the artistic & aesthetic process of selecting the raw material and shaping the finished product.  Oregon Territory Tree Parts and  Dee C Designs have addressed all of these issues. The results will make your smoking experience more pleasurable, personalized and entertaining.

Some examples:

Sample Oregon Territory Peace Pipes

Personalize your smoking experience with custom features, wood species, styles and colors.  Pipes seen here are made from (left to right) Holly (Mad Hatter model), Black Walnut, Mahogany, Holly (Flintstone model), Black Locust (flame tempered with exposed grain), Holly (with Oregon Berry stain), Holly (with right handed flame bender option), Holly (compliment to previous – left handed flame bender option) Black Locust (8-Ball model with flame tempered and streaked finish)

FLAME BENDER feature:  Pipe smokers often rotate the pipe to one side for easier lighting.  With the lighter held to the side, the flame is bent by the air flowing into the bowl making it easier to light the smoke without burning the lighter, your hand, or the edge of the bowl.  Pipe stems shaped to a round, symmetrical end allow any angle of rotation but lack character and style.  Try carving a stem that automatically rotates the bowl to your preference when held ready to light.